Youtube Hot Wheels Channels

Youtube Hot Wheels Videos

Emanuel Guzman– This young man has a Hot Wheels and gaming channel. Really cool! I have him first because he was one of the first few subscribers to my channel.

Meta knight Audi– Another one of my first few subscribers. Meta has a Hot Wheels channel as well. Check his channel often because he and Emanuel go Hot Wheels hunting together and they video all of their die cast finds.

TuneTrax Racing– This is another cool Hot Wheels channel. TuneTrax is all about racing diecast cars. Check it out!

The Rogue Racer– This is another awesome Hot Wheels racing channel. Rogue sets up Hot Wheels tracks over rivers, rocks and more and races his diecast cars. Really well done!

Hotwheels Boys– This channel is another great watch for Hot Wheels collectors. They offer peg hunting and track racing.

Hot Wheels TV– This Youtube channel is a must watch for Hot Wheel collectors. Hot Wheels TV shows unboxing videos of new Hot Wheels cases that are hitting the market as well as die cast reviews. They are an established channel with over 13,000 subscribers.

SRGXIX-Another great Youtube channel for Hot Wheels addicts. Tons of in store peg hunting as well as product reviews.

Hot Wheels– This is the official Hot Wheels Youtube channel. At the time of this writing they are closing in on 2 Million subscribers.

ToyCarCollector-This channel is another great resource for the Hot Wheel addiction. They have over 400 videos at the time of this writing.



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