Hunting Hot Wheels Target

Target Hot Wheels Hunt//Found Target Throwback Series Dodge Challenger SRT

Target Hot Wheels Hunt

About two weeks ago I went on a Target Hot Wheels hunt.

I usually try to go Hot Wheels peg hunting at this Target every couple of weeks.

What I have noticed about this Target is that they don’t seem to get in new Hot Wheels cases very often.

The last few times I have been in there, they have had the same ones that I saw before.

Until this time!! When I was in there this particular day I noticed that they had the always popular Target Throwback Series.

As I was looking through these on the pegs, I noticed a beautiful looking car that I had to have.

It was the Hot Wheels Target Throwback Series Dodge Challenger SRT. It is simply an awesome looking muscle car with a sweet looking Purple paint job!

I actually filmed a video of this Target Hot Wheels hunt which you can view

Click here to visit my Youtube channel for more Hot Wheels peg hunting videos

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