My Labor Day Hot Wheels Hunt At Target//Die Cast

Hot Wheels Peg Hunting At Target

Yesterday was Labor Day so I decided to go do a little Hot Wheels hunting at our local Target store.

I was looking for the Target Throwback Series that they have.

About a week ago I was in this same Target and I found a Hot Wheels Target Throwback ’15 Dodge Challenger SRT.

It is a sweet looking car and I will make a post about that find in the coming days.

Anyways, back to yesterday. As I was in Target I was able to find 5 more of the Throwback Series that they had. I ended up getting these 5.

I shot a video of this hunt while I was in the Target and you can view it below to see the other Hot Wheels Target Throwbacks that I got.

Click here to visit my Youtube channel for more Hot Wheels peg hunting videos

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