Links To The Best Hot Wheels Related Websites site is a must if you want to learn more about the latest Hot Wheel Treasure Hunts,– This is the official Mattel Hot Wheels website.– Looking for Hot Wheels vintage RedLines? Check out this website because they have links and photos of vintage Redlines from the late 1960’s to the 1970’s.– A place that any Hot Wheel collector will enjoy!

HotWheelsHistoryArticle– The History channel website takes a look at vintage Hot Wheels that are worth thousands of dollars.

CollectorsWeeklyHotWheels– Visit this website for articles about vintage Hot Wheels.– Want to see some cool vintage Hot Wheels from a couple of avid die cast collectors? Then check out this site!– Another cool Hot Wheel collector website to check out!– This site is a must for vintage Hot Wheel collectors. It tells all about the classic Redlines and offers a complete guide of the classic Hot Wheels.– Another great Hot Wheel site that shows all of the latest Treasure Hunts that are on the market. has a collection of over 30,000 Hot Wheels and has written several books and guides. Michael Zarnock is the host on the HotWheelsTV Youtube channel.

Hot Wheels on Social Media

HotWheelsFacebook– The Mattel Hot Wheels official facebook page.

HotWheelsAddicts– Are you a Hot Wheels addict? If you are and a need a fix, visit the Hot Wheels Addicts facebook page.

HotWheelsGroups Facebook– Looking to buy, sell or trade Hot Wheels? Yes? Then check out the Hot Wheels & Die Cast Buy, Sell and trade facebook page.

HotWheelsAndDiecast Facebook– I’m not gonna lie! This is actually my facebook page. I post links to my Youtube Hot Wheels Hunting videos. You will see videos of the Hot Wheels I have found at Walmart, Target, Dollar Tree and more.

HotWheelsReddit-HotWheels Speed 1:64.

Well, that’s it for now. I hope you will find the above Hot Wheels websites very useful in your diecast collecting adventures. And until next time, HAPPY HUNTING!!


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