hot wheels hunting at thrift store

I Went To The Thrift Store Looking For Hot Wheels And other Diecast

Thrift Store Hot Wheels Hunting

Yesterday I went to a local Thrift store here in my area (Near Boise, Idaho). I go in here about once a month to do some Hot Wheels and diecast hunting.

This thrift store is called Idaho Youth Ranch and they usually have a lot of diecast cars in grab bags.

When I was in there yesterday, I noticed that this time they did not have any of these grab bags on the shelf over in the toy department.

So I figured they did not have any diecast in stock so I decided to head out.

As I was leaving, I noticed that they had a glass shelf up by the checkout counter. As I peered through the glass….THERE THEY WERE!!

They had about 4 huge bags that were full of diecast cars. I asked the employee if I could have a look at them.

She pulled out the bags and I noticed that they were $7.99 each. I decided to buy one of them and it was a hard choice in deciding which one to purchase.

After getting these cool diecast, I decided to open them up on camera. This is the video below of me opening up this grab bag.

There were several different brands of diecast cars and trucks in this bag. There were cars made by Hot Wheels, Matchbox and Maisto.

You can watch the video below to see exactly what I found! 🙂

Click here to visit my Youtube channel for more Hot Wheels peg hunting videos

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