Hot Wheels Bed-Hauler Treasure Hunt

I Found This Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt At Walgreens And Didn’t Even Know It!

Walgreens Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt Find


Walgreens Hot Wheels Finds

Last week I went into Walgreens to do a little Hot Wheels hunting.

I usually go to this particular Walgreens at least once a week to check and see if they have any new diecast cars in stock.

When I got there I saw that they did not have many hanging on the pegs. As I was getting ready to leave I noticed a Hot Wheels display stand that was located at one of the aisle end caps. So I stopped to check them out.

As I scanned the display, I noticed all of the same old 2019 Hot Wheels that I had seen so many times before in the past months.

But something DID catch my eye! On the second row of the display, there sit a Walgreens Exclusive Hot Wheels ’68 Copo Camaro. So, I automatically grabbed that one.

This was the second exclusive Copo Camaro that I have found at this Walgreens store. You can few that Hot Wheels hunting video I shot here!

As I continued searching I noticed an odd but cool looking casting. It was the 2019 Hot Wheels Fast-Bed Hauler. I went ahead and grabbed it because I did not have this one in my collection yet.

As usual I was recording this Hot Wheels hunt with my cell phone camera. When I got home and edited the video, I downloaded it to Youtube (Link To The video below).

After having the video up for several hours, I got a very interesting comment that a user posted. He said that the Hot
Wheels Bed-Hauler I had found was a 2019 Treasure Hunt!

I did not even know this! The truck is kind of big in the blister pack so it was covering up the Treasure Hunt logo and I did not see it.

This was the reason that I had not seen this casting in the other Hot Wheels hunting videos I have made in the past. It is a rare treasure hunt!  I am so glad I did not let this one slip by. It is a real cool casting!

So this Hot Wheels hunt at Walgreens ended up being pretty good. I found a total of three Hot Wheels. The Exclusive Copo Camaro, the Bed-Hauler and a sweet looking 2019 Hot Wheels McLaren Senna from the Forza Horizon 4 Series.



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