Hot Wheels 1967 Camaro Treasure Hunt In Q Case

Hot Wheels TV Opens The New 2019 Q Case//Treasure Hunt Found//’67 Camaro

HotWheelsTV Opens 2019 Q Case

Like many other Hot Wheels collectors, I am subscribed to the HotWheelsTV Youtube channel.

If you do not know about this channel and you collect Hot Wheels you have to subscribe to it.

Mike Zarnock does a great job reviewing the latest Hot Wheels cases. He explains the model, the color and his opinion about the car/truck.

He also has a website called

A few days ago, Mike busted open the 2019 Hot Wheels Q case on camera. There were a lot of the same models in this one. In this video, Mike said that Mattel always throws different diecast together in the “end of the year” cases.

As Mike was going through this case, he pulled the Treasure Hunt. Drum roll please!!……..The 2019 Hot Wheels Q case Treasure Hunt is a ’67 Camaro. You can see it in the image below.

Hot Wheels Q Case Treasure Hunt '67 Camaro

You can check out the complete Hot Wheels TV unboxing video below.

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