64 nova wagon gasser hot wheels

Hot Wheels Nova Wagon Gasser At Michael’s Crafts//Diecast Hunting

Hot Wheels Peg Hunting

I shot this Hot Wheels hunting video a few days ago.

I went to Michael’s Craft store to do some diecast peg hunting.

I was in hopes that they had gotten some new cases in with some that I had not seen before.

They did not have any new ones but I was able to find a sweet looking Hot Wheels ’64 Nova Wagon Gasser.

I am glad I found this Gasser because I had seen one when I was hunting for Hot Wheels a few months ago but I had past on it.

Out of all the videos I have made on my Hot Wheels Youtube channel, this was only the second Nova Wagon Gasser that I had seen.

You can view the complete video below.

Click here to visit my Youtube channel for more Hot Wheels peg hunting videos

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