Exxon Tanker Truck Toy

Hot Wheels Hunt Thrift Store//Found Limited Edition Exxon Tanker Truck

Thrift Store Diecast Hunting

Limited Edition Exxon Tanker Truck Toy

Last week I recorded a Hot Wheels hunting video at the thrift store.

I have been to this particular thrift store before because every so often they have grab bags of diecast cars and trucks from Hot Wheels and Matchbox.

On this day they did not have any grab bags, but they did have some other ones that were still in their original blister packs.

I found 2 Jada Toys cars from 2005 as well as a 2010 Hot Wheels car.

But my favorite one that I found during this diecast hunt was a limited edition Exxon tanker truck that was produced in 1997.

You can check out the video below to see these in detail.

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Tanker Truck Toy Exxon

Exxon Tanker Truck Toy-Limited Edition

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