Hot Wheels Finds//51st Anniversary Gotta Go Chase Car At Walgreens

Hot Wheels Finds Walgreens

Today I did a Hot Wheels hunting video at Walgreens.

I went into this store not expecting to find much because the last few times I was at this Walgreens they did not have too many Hot Wheels in stock.

Today was a little different. They had a bunch of diecast cars from the 51st Anniversary Satin and Chrome set. They had priced good too at 10 for $10. NICE!

As I was looking at this set, to my surprise the store manager walked up to me with a Hot Wheel in his hand. He then handed to me.

It was the “Gotta Go” chase car from this Hot Wheels 51st Anniversary set. It is not a MAJOR Treasure Hunt, but it is a real sweet Hot Wheels find.

Along with this chase car, I also bought 6 other ones from this set.

Hot Wheels 51st Anniversary Gotta Go Chase Car

You can check out the whole video below.

UPDATE: 9/21/19-Mike over at Hot Wheels TV found some more variations of these Satin and Chrome Hot Wheels. Check out the video below.


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