Welcome the Hot Wheels Zone website!

September 3, 2019.

I am an avid die cast collector. I Go to places like Target, Walmart, Walgeens and other stores hunting for the latest Hot Wheels

I also video these Hot Wheels hunt and put them on my Youtube channel. My Youtube channel is called  Hot Wheels And Diecastwhich I started in May 2019. So it is pretty new!

At the time of this writing, I have about 30 videos up on my channel. Please check it out and subscribe if you would like.

So, why am I creating this website? Well, the main reason is I will be downloading a lot of pictures of the Hot Wheels that I find on my peg hunting adventures as well as links to my latest Youtube Hot Wheels videos.

Another reason is that I wanted to create a website for other Hot Wheels and die cast collectors like myself to visit and discuss the wonderful world of Hot Wheel collecting!

And finally, in the coming weeks I am going to try and set up a plugin that will allow visitors to this Site to register and post their own Hot Wheels related content. Registered members to this Hot Wheels Zone website will be able to plug their own Youtube videos as well as their websites if they have one.

So, as this journey begins, lets all have fun talking about the awesome world of Die Cast collecting.

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